MOA Industry Partners

Relationships and Re-connecting for 2024

Dear Partner,
We are embarking on an exciting year ahead. The Maine Optometric Association has a long history of a robust membership and welcoming all New England colleagues to our Conferences in Maine. We would love to partner with you for 2024. We are offering great opportunities for you to get in front of the Doctors of Optometry in Maine and beyond. Take advantage of our Partnerships to participate in all three of our in-person conferences and virtual offerings.

Sugarloaf Mountain, small and intimate education conference on March 8th-10th, Our Kickoff the Summer in Bar Harbor June 7th-9th which attracts ODs from near and far and finally our Annual conference in Portland Maine, December 6th-8th. The MOA will also hold virtual CE scheduled for the fall, and a “pop-up” event that is new this year for our Maine ODs. We plan on re-connecting and mentoring events through the year, and our celebration at the end of 2024 on December 7th. If you have a unique idea for your company talk with Caroline in the MOA office.

Members notice! We hear the comments, and conversation around our conferences and our members notice who supports the MOA through Partnerships. Become a MOA Partner and show your commitment to Maine ODs. Our membership is growing, and we are reaching out to our members, students and young ODs in Maine with important information and support. There has never been a better time to unite as passionate professionals. Our Maine Doctors of Optometry are passionate about improving patient care, public awareness, and the professional standing of optometry.

By working together for the advancement of Optometry and with your involvement, experience, knowledge and support we create a strong and united program benefiting all. Please consider Partnership in 2024 program with the MOA and support Maine Doctors of Optometry. Thank you for being part of the Maine Partnership program and supporting Optometrist of Maine, it doesn’t go unnoticed!


Dr. Jessilin Quint
President MOA Board

Caroline Fontaine
Executive Director

Partner Programs must be registered and paid for by April 15th, 2024. If you select a Partner Program and select other a la cart items by April 15th there will be a 10% discount.