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The Maine Optometric Association was made aware that EyeMed communicated with all network providers in Colorado on December 18, 2018 about the new law (HB 18-1012) that prohibits vision plans from requiring providers to offer discounts on non-covered services and materials. As we understand it, EyeMed is asking providers to affirmatively give notice to EyeMed that they do not intend to offer non-covered services and materials discounts. We believe that this "opt-out" requirement may be contrary to understandings we reached with the plans as the bill was being negotiated. We would also like to obtain a clearer understanding of what the plans intend to do with provider responses. 

MOA is therefore asking members to consider not responding to EyeMed immediately, so that we have time to confer with the Association's legal counsel, our lobbying team, and regulatory agencies before providing you further information on this issue. We will send an update to members via email. If you are not receiving notifications from COA check your spam filter or contact COA directly at 303-863-9778.


The Maine Optometric Association is aware that many members have recently received new vision care plan contracts and may be impacted by the new bill (HB18-1012) that COA sponsored. COA, with support from our counsel, prepared guidelines in a Q&A format for COA members to review these contracts with the provisions of the new vision plan law signed by the governor on March 30. 

Vision Plan Contracts Guidance

MOA has developed an informational sheet for members to voluntarily post in their offices to help inform patients of changes in law that could affect their vision plan benefits.

Public Notice HB1012 Informational Sheet

Review of HB1012 Implementation [Webinar]

COA President Dr. Heather Gitchell moderates a discussion between COA's Legislative Co-Chairs, Dr. Jon Pederson and Dr. Deanna Alexander, and COA's Third Party Co-Chair Dr. Jason Ortman. Access the President's Chat recording from December 11, 2018 here.


Division of Insurance Proposed Rule 4-2-58 Comments

Vision Therapy is a Medically Necessary Treatment Under EPSDT

COA Letter to Colorado State Board of Optometry Regarding Telehealth

Have Your Patient's Experienced Problems Online Eye Tests and Materials?

If so... you can help make change happen. If every COA member submits just one complaint to the federal agencies involved with regulating contact lenses, we will get their attention. We are asking members to submit just one valid experience of an online test or purchase that caused problems for a patient because a prescription was not right, poorly fitting contact lenses, or any problem that resulted from an online interaction. COA has created an easy to use guide on submitting complaints which can be found on COA's home page. Help COA make sure these companies are practicing appropriate standards of care in our state and with our patients. 

Contact Lens Complaint Filing

Changes to Opioid Prescribing in Colorado

On May 21, 2018, SB18-022 Clinical Practice for Opioid Prescribing was signed Governor Hickenlooper and took immediate effect. The law is now in effect and COA members pay close attention to the following new requirements. To review the law in detail please click here