Member Center

Happy New Year Maine Optometrists!  As your association President for 2020, I am looking forward to a productive year.  I am excited to lead an association of 177 doctors - that's approximately a 73% membership rate -   one of the best in the country.  It is because of your continued support of the MOA that we have a successful organization.

We started the year with a strategic planning meeting, which helped us develop our goals for the association over the next few years.  Bob Harris, who has helped both the MOA and other state associations with strategic planning, lead our meeting.   Our plan will be made available to you as members very soon.

The MOA is here for you.  We are here to protect your career though advocacy for the profession at the state level.  We are working to maintain the scope of practice we have earned and will fight to expand future scope as necessary.  Additionally, we will continue to work to guard against 3rd party challenges and protect our patient/doctor relationship from unproven technologies. We want to ensure you have an advantage with your membership and see the value it provides.  In addition to promoting the AOA based benefits, we hope to provide unique MOA benefits in the future. 

We want to develop new and exciting ways to engage our members in both professional and social events. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

Our association is here to elevate our members through professional development.  We are looking forward to another lovely summer meeting with continuing education in Bar Harbor in June.  In October we will hold another advanced procedure course.  For those who missed the four-day course last year, it was very successful, with highly positive feedback from those who attended.  Regardless if you plan to use these procedures in your office, I recommend you attend.  You will experience how feasible it is for optometrists to perform these procedures.  For those who already attended the advanced procedures meeting, we will have a scleral lens and amniotic membrane "wet lab" for CE.  Lastly, we will have the December annual meeting with continuing education in Portland. 

Finally, the MOA strives to promote visibility of our profession and eye care to the population of Maine.  This is done through AOA campaigns such as Think About Your Eyes.  As announced in December, we now have the Girl and Boy Scout program to promote our profession to young girls and boys in the community.  We also plan to develop other ways to promote optometry locally.

Again, thank you to every member for your continued dedication to our profession and the association.  I will do my best to fulfill this honorable position.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Kimberley Goss, OD
President of the Maine Optometric Association