Greetings and Happy New Year!

I am honored to be the president for the Maine Optometric Association and am enthusiastic for the advancement of the optometric profession in Maine. Our challenges are numerous, which I see as multiple opportunities for us to educate legislators, the public and our colleagues.

Membership and participation in the MOA, our only advocacy organization, has never been more crucial. We are very lucky in Maine to have Optometrists who truly understand the importance of remaining active in their profession and for that, I thank you all. We continue to have one of the highest rates of membership in the country and this is what makes our association truly special. I am dedicated to continuing to keep our eye at the state level and be prepared to deal with all the activities that affect the profession.    

Currently, we are working with the State Board of Optometry to update the language in our optometry law to reflect current practice- making it clearer and more concise. We are fortunate to get a seat at the table with the State Board to work together to solve common problems and help protect the public.          

Optometry continues to face challenges with the introduction of unproven technology while the protection of the patient-doctor relationship remains crucial. We have gained some progress last year in terms of the illegal sale of contact lenses and pressures to generically fit lenses. It is a public safety concern as these lenses are being sold to our patients without being first properly evaluated on the eye by a licensed Optometrist. The association will continue to be actively involved in monitoring the conduct of these online retailers.          

2019 will be a great year as we look to evolve our optometric practice to better reflect where we are as a profession. I hope to see many of you at our special September CE conference. There are only 50 spots available for this conference. We must continue to build on the foundation we presently practice on. It is your involvement that allows us to pave the way to the future.  

Thanks for being a member of the MOA.  

Andre Achenbach
President of the MOA