The Maine Optometric Association is truly a special organization.

As current President of the association I have been lucky enough to travel to national and regional meetings and in doing so witness how unique and strong our organization is.

We remain to have one of the highest, if not highest rates of membership across the country. This means that a high percentage of Optometrists in our state believe in the worth of this organization and share the same goals and mindset collectively to provide the best care for our communities that we are trained to do to the extent we are trained to do it. As a Legislated profession in general we wouldn't be where we are now if many before hadn't acted upon the same mindset and motivation to collectively accomplish these goals before us.

Currently Optometry faces challenges on what seems like a daily basis: The introduction of unproven technology to the future of telemedicine and protection of the patient-doctor relationship. The paper work, contracts, shrinking panels, and payment stagnation of insurance companies. To the Illegal sale of contact lenses and pressures to generically fit lenses. Among other things the scope of practice to which we are able to provide, trained and recognized to complete.

It's your support that allows us to continue to build on the foundation we presently practice on. It's your support that allows the means to effectively pave the way to the future. Thanks for being a member of the MOA.

Kyle Benner