Message from the President

Happy New Year Maine Optometric Association!

I hope this note finds you all feeling happy, healthy, and energized for this year 2023. I want to start by thanking the education committee and Caroline for organizing and executing an amazing December meeting. The education was great, and our installation event was so much fun! Looking ahead to our next education opportunity, I hope to see many of you at Sugarloaf for the return of the ski meeting in March. It's no secret that I personally have missed this meeting and I'm excited to bring it back to our membership. Caroline is working on getting a calendar published that will highlight the rest of our education dates for the year. Check out the MOA website at and block your schedules. Hopefully this helps us all plan to attend these events and continue building the community that is our MOA.

This year I am looking to keep things simple. We have big audacious plans in the next few years and I would like to spend my year as president focusing on and facilitating the relationships amongst us as colleagues, fostering the cooperation between our paraoptometrics and our community of optometrists. Also, those very important relationships between Optometrist of Maine and our representatives in Augusta. This year as well will be an important fundraising year as we gear up for modernizing our law. As a very small first step I would like to challenge each of you to donate $50 each month in 2023 to our MOA PAC. We have made it easy by offering an online PAC donation form, check that out on the MOA website.

The MOA is YOUR MOA and as a member if there is something you feel the MOA needs to provide for you please feel free to reach out to me or any other board member. I am proud of our membership numbers, and I hope this is a reflection that our association is meeting your needs, but if we are falling short, I would like to help address the shortcoming.

In closing, I think 2023 is going to be amazing! So many challenges and difficulties have been overcome in the last two years and I believe potentially setting us all up for a very successful coming year. Hope to see you all very soon!

Take care friends,

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